Powerful monitoring

Monitor service status, used capacity, app performance and user experience so you are well informed.


Flexible alerting

Be aware and informed about everything that is happening in your platform.



Ensure the performance of your application. Avoid unused capacity with an accurate and flexible scaling process.



Increase availability by solving 80% of application incidents automatically in less than 5 minutes.


Managing an IT platform is time-consuming. Routine tasks often demand too many work hours. With ECmanaged, IT professionals can organize their workload more efficiently by automating and scheduling the main management tasks. Advanced auto-scaling processes, automated incident resolution, alerting and updating are a few examples of tasks that can be automated easily. This automation allows to focus on launching new projects and to dedicate time and effort to more important tasks. ECmanaged combines this automation with a powerful monitoring tool enabling the performance of high-level actions in a single click. All tasks can be deployed on any Cloud provider, regardless of provider restrictions. Availability and performance of the entire platform is ensured.


Ensure availability

Increase the up-time of your platforms through automated incident resolution and an efficient alerting service.

Focus on your business

By automating the main management tasks of your platform, you can focus on doing what is important: making your business grow.

Save time

Reduce the time you or your IT team have to dedicate to routine tasks. ECmanaged allows you to automate many daily management tasks. The automation of low level tasks will save expenditure in technical support.

Save money

Don´t waste money by paying for surplus compute capacity. ECmanaged has an accurate autoscaling process that will downsize or upscale your platform when and where it is needed.


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