Learn how SysAdmins can have a beach holiday too

You know the story… Holidays have arrived and all your colleagues are having fun on the beach. Whatsapping you pictures of crystal blue waters and overflowing mojitos. Being a responsible SysAdmin, however, you are still in the office. You defend the fortress against any potential system failure.  You are stuck behind your screen. No sun for you. Just watching the graphs... Waiting… hopefully in vain. Luckily, most often, nothing happens. But when it does, you need to know so you can act and repair or avoid.

Sounds familiar?

That´s the summer months for many of us. While the marketing and sales department are having fun in the sun, we look at bandwith, disk usage, CPU, memory, load average, process running, DISK IO and other metrics. All to make sure everything is up and running.

In a Cloud environment, system and platform monitoring has become even more crucial. From one moment to another, you might need to increase compute capacity or even look for other providers if there are outages.

A good monitoring and alerting tool is no luxury. With ECmanaged, the multi-Cloud management tool, you can combine a powerful monitoring with alerts and automated management actions.

ECmanaged offers you more than any given control panel
With most Cloud provider panels, you can monitor the basics. Bandwidth usage, CPU and disk capacity monitoring are offered as a standard feature. But often these panels do not give you information about the performance or user experience.
Using the powerful monitor feature of ECmanaged you will get a complete overview of the status of your Cloud servers and applications. Setting up additional monitors is foolproof and will allow you to act quicker.
The basic ECmanaged Monitor: not so basic
As soon as you create a Cloud server through ECmanaged, two internal monitors are generated and activated by default. Both monitors can be fine-tuned to fit your needs better.
Capacity monitoring
The "Capacity monitor” gives you the same monitoring metrics as most Cloud provider dashboards (bandwith, disk usage, CPU and memory). It is easy to use and interpret.
Performance monitoring
ECmanaged will also provide you with a "Performance monitor". This monitor informs you about CPU and memory performance, load average, process running and DISK IO (transactions, bytes, times). 
An enriched ECmanaged monitoring experience
 In addition to the capacity and performance monitoring, ECmanaged also offers also you the option to carry out "External checks", "Agent checks", and to set up application monitors. With no extra costs.
Using the ECmanaged monitor you are informed about the following metrics:
* Internal Capacity: CPU usage, Memory usage, Disk usage, and Network usage.

 * Internal Performance: CPU performance, Memory performance, Load average, Process running, and Disk IO (Transactions, Bytes, Times).
* Agent checks: Number of process (by name or regex), Process memory usage (by name or regex), and Service state.
* Application monitor: Apache Performance metrics, and MySQL Performance metrics.
All this monitoring information is interesting but does not mean anything if you are not able to use it for solving issues and incidents. Because that is what systems management is about, to monitor and use that information cleverly in an automated way, when it is needed. ECmanaged enables you to execute automated tasks based on the powerful monitoring.
We use PagerDuty and WebHook technology to keep you updated at all times.
Give ECmanaged a try and go on holiday! Alerts can also be sent to your mobile ;-)

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