Work more efficiently by being your own System Administrator

Cloud Providers like Linode strive to offer their users tailored services by offering plans with various configurations of CPU, RAM, SSD Storage and Network Bandwidth. This evident concern to offer customized services is undoubtedly highly valued by their customers. However, since the main business of these providers is based on the infrastructure, they lack complementary services like fine-grained cloud management.

That is where ECmanaged comes in. What happens after contracting a Cloud Infrastructure service? Who is then managing and guaranteeing its good performance and availability? Although sometimes these Cloud Operators provide tools or services to monitor and manage Cloud, they are additionally billed and are probably not enough for those users who really want to have a full control of their systems.  

Cloud Management Platforms like ECmanaged solve this problem through its pioneering multi-Cloud and IT management tool. This automated platform provides accurate control over the servers from their instantiation to maintenance phase. And what is even better, it supports both cloud and physical servers! Since it’s a multicloud-based technology, all the management procedures offered separately by each Cloud Provider appear unified and simplified in a single dashboard, so users like you will find extra management features paid under a single bill.

So, now you have all the resources you need, why don’t you start being your own System Administrator?

   - Monitor much more than just bandwidth, disk or CPU in an automated way: ECmanaged users will get an advanced monitoring system linked to automated IT tasks.

   - Define your own rules to autoscale your Linode Infrastructure: Scale automatically your servers by defining the conditions and thresholds.

   - ECmanaged solves incidents for you: The Autosolver of ECmanaged automatically manages and resolves more than 80% of application incidents within 5 minutes.

   - Save costs with your current Clouds: Save up to 70% of your current Cloud costs by automating your systems deployment, monitoring and management. As for instance, you can automatically manage the lifecycle of your Cloud 
Instances to save money.

As a result, when you use ECmanaged , you will  pay a single bill for all your Cloud needs for any Cloud provider you might use, so you don’t need  to pay for any extra  add-ons which are expensive and don’t fill your expectations.

Become your own system administrator and get the most powerful Cloud Management tool available in the market by registering here with a free month trial.
To see how easy is integrating your Linode into ECmanaged account; follow these instructions.

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