Why you really need a Cloud management tool, asap!

Cloud computing. For a long time a buzzword but now undoubtedly here to stay. Cloud is not a closed concept however. It is an evolving technology with new things made possible every day. System administrators and integrators have to face that reality of an ever diversifying Cloud market. And that is not easy.

IaaS vendors innovate continuously and want to offer the most interesting service possible to their customers so they develop new Cloud server types, change CPU limits, create new services and so on.

But how do you deal with that? How do you deal with this potpourri of Cloud offerings and countless ways to manage them?

That is a quite simple choice, actually. Either you lock yourself into one Cloud provider and learn each tutorial by heart or you look for a multi-Cloud management tool. A multi-Cloud management tool is the bridge between you and your IaaS providers. It enables you to bypass any limitations a Cloud provider imposes directly or indirectly. Sure, you could avoid that vendor lock-in by understanding each Cloud vendor´s API when you deploy your configurations but what about the management tasks? Imagine a world where you could schedule them regardless of Cloud vendor specifications.

A multi-Cloud management tool like ECmanaged will make that timesaver possible.

It is said that Cloud infrastructures are moving away from single vendor solutions towards situations with multiple vendors integrated into one platform. These multi-Cloud environments permit setups where the cheapest IaaS offer is used for the front-end and a trustworthy vendor for the back-end. So multi-Cloud management tools will not only save you time but also money.

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 About ECmanaged: Founded in 2012, ECmanaged is a pioneering multi-Cloud and IT management tool enabling users to take full control of their Cloud platforms and physical servers. Its intuitive design and interface allow users to develop Cloud platforms avoiding provider imposed restrictions. ECmanaged enables users to be in control of all their platforms and applications both at the implementation phase and afterwards. www.ecmanaged.com

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