What do Cloud, a duck and a server have in common?

What do Cloud, a duck and a server have in common? Absolutely nothing; except if you are talking about Cloud computing in a real multi-Cloud environment.

Say what?

For years the compute capacity of your platforms has been limited to the capacity of physical servers you bought or leased. But ever since the rise of Cloud computing, compute capacity has become a flexible concept. IT managers “book and pay” the virtual machines they need and add more or less VMs whenever they want to. Large financial investment is no longer needed and business models shift from CAPEX to OPEX. Making businesses more agile and future proof.

But this urge for flexibility poses problems to companies that invested heavily in physical servers and wish to migrate towards Cloud. What to do with their legacy servers? They were expensive and need not to be changed just yet.

Have a look at this video and see how you can avoid loosing money.

When we talk about real multi-Cloud at ECmanaged,  we mean environments where you can combine public and private Cloud with physical servers in the same platform.

Using our Cloud management tool, you can make a mix of any type of server – physical , public or private - and manage them all the same way through a single control panel.

With ECmanaged, your legacy servers and wish to migrate to the Cloud do not exclude one another. 

Take control, use ECmanaged.

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