“We contribute to making Cloud computing a shared reality”

ECmanaged: “We contribute to making Cloud computing a shared reality” 

ECmanaged, a Barcelona-based startup, will present its Multi-cloud management application at the GigaOM conference - Structure:Europe - on 18 September in London. The conference will address the future of Cloud computing in Europe.
A few days ago, GigaOM, a leading provider of technology and media news, announced the 10 finalists for the Structure:Europe LaunchPad. ECmanaged is one of the selected startups able to present its product to Europe’s leading cloud visionaries.

For Victor Lasierra, CMO, it is a great honor that ECmanaged has been selected as one of the most promising startups in the world of Cloud, Internet infrastructure and data.
Victor, tell us a bit more about ECmanaged.

ECmanaged is a SaaS application that allows users to manage Cloud computing services and platforms from multiple providers. It offers a powerful solution to deploy applications in just a few minutes and to manage these on different Cloud providers such as Amazon, RackSpace, Linode, DigitalOcean, etc.. The control panel enables an easy and intuitive control of multiple Cloud providers in a unified way.

Why was ECmanaged developed?

When Cloud computing services appeared, people only realized the benefits at first.  Cloud technology brings flexibility, elasticity and a pay per use model. But there are also some disadvantages. Compared to physical servers and IT systems, companies loose a certain level of control and transparency. These deficiencies are mainly the result of the business model chosen by Cloud providers. They aim to get large quantities of users quickly resulting in a decline of service quality.

That is why we created ECmanaged. An application that allows users to regain control of their Cloud computing services; something Cloud providers cannot offer.

What does ECmanaged do?

Firstly, it provides an automated application deployment. A user simply chooses the desired application, the operating system and the preferred Cloud provider. In just a few clicks and minutes, the application will be fully operational.

In addition to automating deployment, ECmanaged is also a complete IT management tool providing powerful monitoring and automated IT maintenance tasks. The majority of incidents for example are solved in less than 5 minutes (for 80% of system incidents).

Another important feature is the reliable and efficient auto-scaling system that allows platforms to be adapted accurately and timely to real needs. All these features are based on a novel platform modeling system that allows complete platform mobility between providers.

A Cloud platform defined in ECmanaged can be migrated to another Cloud provider in a matter of minutes, allowing customers to define Disaster Recovery solutions quickly and efficiently. This mobility feature is highly demanded today by Cloud computing users. It makes Cloud platforms completely vendor-agnostic and puts users back in control.

What can we do with this online application?

ECmanaged is a useful and complete tool for anyone who plans to start using cloud computing services. On the one hand, it enables software developers to launch their applications in just a few minutes and for the time they need. Startups can dispose of flexible Cloud platforms that follow their growth, while maintaining full control of their systems without having to be an IT expert.

And IT managers of large companies can use ECmanaged for automating management tasks that will ensure the availability, performance and efficiency of their services. It is a Multi-cloud tool that lets users work with multiple providers in the same and logical way.  ECmanaged brings different Cloud providers together on the same platform facilitating full platform mobility between suppliers and laying the ground for a comprehensive Disaster Recovery plan.

What does being a finalist for the Structure:Europe LaunchPad 2013 mean?

We are very proud to have been selected by GigaOM as one of 10 most promising European startups in the field of Cloud. It is an acknowledgement of our work and confirms that the solution that we provide with ECmanaged is what Cloud users really need and are looking for.

Victor, have you imagined that this moment would arrive?

We started ECmanaged bearing a clear international vocation in mind. The goal was to develop an online SaaS that people anywhere in the world could use.  We are surprised for the official launch in London took place only last June and we did not expect such a positive response this quickly.

How will you ECmanaged benefit from its presence at this European conference?

Structure:Europe LaunchPad will be a great stimulus for our project. It will give ECmanaged a high level of visibility among the European Cloud industry. It will also provide us with a direct access to global companies and partners who could help us establish ECmanaged as a reference in Multi-cloud management.
LaunchPad finalists will present their projects on the main stage after which both the audience and the jury will select a winner. ECmanaged hopes to bring home one of the prizes.

Is Cloud computing the future of the Internet or is it already a reality?

Cloud computing has been believed to be the future for quite some time now, but its implementation has been slower than expected. Technical, regulatory and quality of service issues slow down companies to take the leap into Cloud. We are convinced that these issues are starting to be resolved and hope that ECmanaged will help Cloud computing to fully become a shared reality.

Why is the world of Cloud evolving to a Multi-cloud model?

In our opinion, users are inclining towards Multi-cloud due to a lack of trust in Cloud providers. People prefer not to have all their eggs in one basket.

However, using more than one provider adds another problem: portability and mobility of platforms. Each vendor has different procedures which make it very difficult to work simultaneously with multiple suppliers and almost impossible to move a platform from vendor to vendor. This is precisely the problem we want to solve with ECmanaged.

Recent European studies have shown that more and more companies and governments are using multiple Cloud providers simultaneously. This trend confirms the need of Multi-Cloud management tools like ECmanaged.


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