Succesful marketing involves more than just the message, stupid!

Being a creative whiz kid will not suffice to start a successful creative agency. The Mad Men scenario where the creative director comes up with a great dreamy message to sell a product and his team only has to turn that message into a catchy television spot or billboard are long gone.  Today, creative agencies need not only publish their message on building-size billboards and glossies to be successful. Today’s campaigns are measured in clicks, visits, downloads and subscriptions.

Companies want their creative agencies to set up efficient reactive digital platforms to deliver successful marketing campaigns. And they want them to drive traffic to their websites.

Today´s marketing mix includes social campaigning, SEO, interactive websites, hopefully viral videos and resilient IT infrastructures behind them to make sure campaigns can keep up with demand peaks.

You might say marketing and PR are no longer just about creating cool content. They have become hard-core computer science. When a campaign proves to be successful and is about to go viral with millions of downloads and web visits, creative agencies need to ensure their client’s website can take the challenge and not crash.

Cloud computing was going to be the answer to this challenge.

Cloud was promised to be the right tool to help creative agencies deal with the unpredictable nature of large-scale PR campaigns as it allows a demand based usage and pay-per-use business model. Flexibility was key. In reality, Cloud computing has not kept its promise. Building IT platforms based on Cloud servers has proven to be difficult, cumbersome, not flexible and over-complex. Cloud providers use different methodologies for the same processes and simple tasks as turning Cloud servers on and off require a deep understanding of system administration and coding. Let alone setting up a system that monitors not only the capacity of Cloud servers but also their performance and user experience. Both are crucial elements for setting up a smooth e-commerce platform or an interactive website.

A need has surfaced for a solution that addresses these challenges and provides the right tools to creative agencies to set up interactive platforms and websites. Web developers, hosting companies and designers should be able to control Cloud infrastructure easily and be able to deploy applications automatically. Computing resources should be scalable automatically and instantaneously, based on the actual state and demand of a platform.

Only when a creative agency can offer all of the above to its clients, it will be able to guarantee successful marketing campaigns. ECmanaged offers such a solution.

The user-controlled management platform allows users to build reactive and fully scalable Cloud platforms that are monitored in detail and where IT management tasks can be scheduled or run automatically. Over-investment in compute capacity is avoided by setting user-defined thresholds for the autoscaling. As multiple Cloud providers can be combined within the same platform, costs can be controlled using the cheapest provider to generate the extra compute capacity.  

ECmanaged aims to offer creative agencies an environment where they can focus on their core business and not the IT backbone. To sum it up, ECmanaged is simple and intuitive and does not consume the time and resources of your in-house IT staff. In return, your staff will be able to focus on generating high levels of traffic for your clients. Because that is what your business should be about.

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