Newest innovation by Cloud management tool ECmanaged

Today, ECmanaged will announce its most recent product innovation onstage at the GigaOm Structure:Europe Launchpad.  ECmanaged, a pioneering multi-cloud management tool, is one of the 10 finalists presenting to global cloud visionaries and leading venture capital firms.

“Our aim is to improve ECmanaged continuously”, says CTO Juan Carlos Moreno. “The Cloud management industry is a very competitive market and we need to stay ahead of the technology race. From now on, our customers can include physical servers to their Cloud management tool.” This latest feature is the next logical step towards a full control of Cloud platforms and IT systems through ECmanaged. Users can now control any kind of Cloud provider and physical on-premise servers.

ECmanaged is a pioneering Cloud management tool that uses a novel approach of high-level platform modelling, offering full mobility across providers and avoiding vendor lock-in. Recent European research shows that a large number of companies and governments are increasingly using multiple Cloud providers or hybrid platforms.

Including physical servers is just one step in ECmanaged´s roadmap. The company has more plans in the pipeline and will communicate these in the next months.


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