More than just Stackscripts

Someone who is familiar with Linode knows that StackScripts™ provide users a flexible way to automate the deployment of custom systems on top of default Linux distribution images.

StackScripts™ are usually bash scripts and run on the boot time. Users can easily write their StackScripts™ using Community StackScript and Linode StackScript Bash Library. This sounds terrific, but it’s true that sometimes Linode StackScripts™ may be limited depending on the needs of each professional.

As a remedy, integrating your Linode into ECmanaged will take you only a few minutes and in return you will get a set of Builders which will provide you a higher customized way to deploy your platforms.

How can ECmanaged deal with this? In addition to scripts, ECmanaged also provides various tools in order to ease and define the deployment of application stack in your servers in a more fine-grained way. These elements or builders are listed below:

Recipes: Users can write their deployment recipes in Puppet and SaltStack. That way you’ll be able to define the applications to be installed in a Cloud server like the web server, database, mail server, etc.

Sources: You can copy your codes and files to your server from Github, local file or URL.

Configurations: Provide all the configuration information to simplify and automate the implementation process (networking, load balancers etc.).

Scripts: Users can define the additional actions needed for the applications’ installation phase. They are like StackScripts™, but they can be run anytime and you also can schedule its execution. In addition, ECmanaged scripts support more scripting languages.

That way, the process of deployment with ECmanaged becomes even easier and boosts its efficiency and power. This deployment system makes possible to save time and avoid mistakes by executing scripts, sources, recipes or configurations over multiple servers simultaneously.

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