How to take control of the clouds without losing control of your business?

The Cloud is not a new concept from a technological point of view.  It is just a different way of contracting computer services. It allows companies to migrate from an investment based model to a pay-per-use service model. ACKSTORM, a Spanish company with a vast experience in IT consulting, has developed a user-friendly cloud management tool: ECmanaged.

-The “Cloud” is a very fashionable concept. What does it have to offer to businesses?
The cloud provides a wide variety of services, depending to what you subscribe to.  One option is SaaS (Software as a Service); a software delivery model in which software and associated data are centrally hosted on the cloud. Another example are virtual servers trough IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), while CaaS (Communication as a Service) is used for VoIP communication. But there exist many more possibilities.

-Which benefits do cloud services provide?
Compared to traditional solutions, cloud services offer flexibility, nonstop availability and the client pays solely for the real usage on a per-use basis. This is an important characteristic in a time of economic crisis.

-You make it sound like there are only benefits?
Off course the cloud has its flaws. Cloud computing is often characterized by a lack of control and a lack of transparency. In addition, cloud providers have invested large sums in infrastructure while customers typically pay on a per-use basis.  The usage of cloud services becomes cheaper every day due to the price war between cloud providers on the market.  To ensure a return on investment, cloud providers use a business model that is based on large numbers of clients. As a result, providers do not allocate sufficient attention to their clients and the quality of customer care is negatively affected.

-Is this the problem ECmanaged aims to solve?
Yes. Most  IaaS providers are not able to deliver a high quality and made-to-measure customer support service. ECmanaged provides a user-friendly and powerful tool that allows users to take control and get the best performance they deserve.
-That sounds promising…
We do hope so. We have invested over 2 years in developing ECmanaged. We are convinced that our experience in managing large IT systems and infrastructure distinguishes us from other solutions.

-And what does the ECmanaged application do exactly?
ECmanaged is a cloud management tool that allows you to use multiple providers (Amazon, Rackspace, Linode, etc...) in a unified way.  It facilitates deployment, automating routine tasks and the systems control. After deployment, ECmanaged is also a powerful control tool. It will monitor the performance and status of your systems. Based on the collected information it can execute automated maintenance actions like enhancing the available resources when an increase in demand is forecasted (auto scaling). Or it can restart applications when incidents occur. In short, ECmanaged facilitates the task of systems management and increases the availability and performance of your computer systems.

Who is your target audience?
Any company that would like to use IaaS cloud services but for which the lack of control is an obstacle. We are launching our product first in Europe but our potential market is global.
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