How to integrate your Digital Ocean account into ECmanaged

Using the full power of the ECmanaged features 
With ECmanaged you can seamlessly provision, deploy, monitor and manage Cloud servers and platforms on multiple providers. In order to do so, you just have to add the credentials from your public or private Cloud provider to your ECmanaged profile. 

ECmanaged currently supports Amazon AWS, Rackspace, Linode, Eucalyptus,Digital Ocean, CloudWatt, and any private OpenStack Cloud. 
The procedure is simple and takes under a minute. By adding your Digital Ocean credentials, you will be able to launch, deploy, monitor, manage your Cloud. servers through the ECmanaged dashboard.

Take note of your Digital Ocean API credentials
Before starting, you need to know your API Cloud credentials (account number, access ID, and/or security key). Login to your Digital Ocean account and check the API section. You will find the information related to your client ID and your API key there. In case you forgot your current API key, you can generate a new one. Take note of the API credentials so you can use them later. 

Follow a simple 2-step wizard 
 Now you should login to your ECmanaged account. Whether you are on the “Start” page or the “My Clouds” section of the ECmanaged dashboard, click on the "NEW PROVIDER" link and follow the wizard. 

Select “public Cloud” and choose “Digital Ocean” from the dropdown list. how to choose node ? when to choose? Go to the next tab “Authentication” by clicking the green arrow. Name your provider for future reference.

Enter the API User ID and Key you obtained earlier from your provider. Click “next” and ECmanaged will carry out the necessary backend operations. 
Done. Digital Ocean will be integrated as a provider into your ECmanaged account in just a few moments. The wizard will inform you when the integration process has finished. 

You are now ready to take control of your Digital Ocean Cloud
 From the moment you have integrated Digital Ocean into your ECmanaged account, you will be able to deploy droplets in a single click, control your compute cost, monitor your droplets and platforms and run automated deployments of applications and execute easy orchestration tasks. You are in full control of your Digital Ocean Clouds now . Check our helpcenter for more information and tutorials.

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