How to create Droplets through ECmanaged

How to create Droplets through ECmanagedCloud computing starts with having Compute capacity. With Digital Ocean, this means creating or deploying droplets. Digital Ocean offers powerful SSD Cloud servers that are relatively cheap compared to other Cloud providers. Like any other Cloud provider, using Digital Ocean for your compute capacity has it benefits but also its drawbacks. Not all features you´d like to have are offered by the Digital Ocean control panel.
Using ECmanaged will enable you to circumvent some of these drawbacks.  With ECmanaged you will be able to carry out a deep monitoring of not only capacity but also performance and user experience, you will be able to autodeploy applications in a single click and can define a highlyaccurate autoscaler

But first, you need to start with the basics. You need to know how to deploy a droplet through the ECmanaged dashboard. Each droplet that was created via ECmanaged will feature automatically in your Digital Ocean account and will include the ECM management agent. Making your life as an IT administrator or DevOp much easier. 

A simple wizard 

All you have to do is , whether you are in the start page or your Servers section (from either your Cloud provider or Platform), click on the "NEW CLOUD SERVER" link and follow the wizard.

Now name the droplet and select the platform if you want to allocate the droplet to one. In this example we will launch a basic droplet so select “simple”. 
Now choose Digital Ocean from the provider dropdown list. Off course you first need to have added Digital Ocean to your list of preferred providers. Select the size of the droplet. ECmanaged gives you a cost estimation of the monthly cost your provider will charge you. This will enable you to control your cost expenditure 

In the next step you choose the OS and version. While the security tab will allow you to choose the key and security group as well as the monitoring etc. 

The last tab gives a summary of the characteristics your droplet will have. Click “Launch Cloud Server” and that´s it. Your droplet has been created and will also feature on your Digital Ocean account. 

You can now start and stop it from the ECmanaged dashboard and run any ECmanaged management action on it.

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