Have a Long(er) View of your Cloud Servers’ Activity: With ECmanaged

With ECmanaged you can monitor your Linode servers into the smallest details. This multi-cloud orchestration and monitoring system also offers up to 1 year of data retention so users are able to have a longer view of their servers’ activity.  The advanced monitoring feature not only provides general information about CPU, memory, disk and network; but also gives high-valued information about capacity and performance as well as user experience.

In addition to existing monitoring tools, ECmanaged can include customised monitors without any extra charge. It sounds great, isn’t it?
As a result, ECmanaged allows getting a complete overview of the status of Cloud servers and applications. Setting up additional monitors is easy and enables you to act in a most effective way. Register here for free and get a longer view of your Linode servers with an advanced monitoring with following characteristics:


Capacity monitoring
The "Capacity monitor” gives you the same monitoring metrics as most Cloud providers (bandwidth, disk usage, CPU and memory).  
Performance monitoring
ECmanaged will also provide you with a "Performance monitor". This monitor informs you about CPU and memory performance, load average, running processes and disk IO. 

An enriched ECmanaged monitoring experience
 In addition to the capacity and performance monitoring, ECmanaged also offers you the option to carry out costumed "Server Checks", "Availability Checks", and to set up application monitors.  
Using the ECmanaged monitor you are informed about the following metrics:
 * Internal Capacity: CPU usage, Memory usage, Disk usage, and Network usage.
* Internal Performance: CPU performance, Memory performance, Load average, Process running, and Disk IO (Transactions, Bytes, Times).
* Server checks: Number of process (by name or regex), Process memory usage (by name or regex), and Service state.
* Availability checks: DNS, FTP (AUTH), HTTP/S (CONTENT), IMAP, SSH, and TCP.
* Application monitor: Apache Performance metrics, and MySQL Performance metrics.

Automated Interaction with ECmanaged Monitoring Metrics: All this monitoring information is interesting but does not mean anything if you are not able to use it for solving issues and incidents. Therefore, ECmanaged enables you to execute automated tasks for application incident resolutions, alerts management and scaling resources according to the monitored information.
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