"We predict that ECmanaged will grow by around 30 per cent in the coming year"

"ACKSTORM successfully launched its cloud service, called ECmanaged, based on the Dell OpenStack-Powered Cloud Solution. Within months, more than 500 virtual machines were being delivered via ECmanaged, a large number of which were supporting software-as-a-service (SaaS)-based applications. After such a positive beginning, the company expects the cloud service to continue attracting customers over the next year. He says: “We predict that ECmanaged, 
running on Dell OpenStack, will grow by around 30 per cent in the coming year. More companies are seeing the value of cloud services and the Dell OpenStack infrastructure gives us the reliability and flexibility that businesses want from the cloud."

"The company has been able to gain competitive advantage over many other cloud-service providers by offering an auto-scaling feature to ECmanaged customers. The feature quickly adapts the amount of CPUs and memory to meet sudden changes in demand, as well as increasing the node network. With auto-scaling, ECmanaged offers great savings to 
customers by reducing the resources needed. Juan Carlos Moreno, Technical & Innovation Director, ACK STORM says: “One of our clients is the online shop for a well-known football club. When demand reaches its peak, the service auto-scales to 25 to 30 servers, but when demand falls, the service scales down to three servers – ensuring a significant saving.” 

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