Automated deployments

Execute your deployments with one-click templates. Customize any application by setting variables and launch them anywhere. See how to deploy a LAMP on Ubuntu.

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Monitoring & automated IT tasks

Monitor your Droplets in detail, and not just their bandwidth, disk or CPU. Combine the results with automated IT actions to solve incidents, manage alerts etc

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Add an autoscaler

Schedule and automate an accurate scaling process. Increase or decrease your resources according to your needs.

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Save time and avoid mistakes by executing scripts and recipes over multiple servers simultaneously.

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Added value of using ECmanaged

With ECmanaged, your Digital Ocean experience will be enriched. Sign up for an account and enjoy all the powerful ECmanaged features. Add an autoscaling to have a responsive infrastructure, monitor your Droplets and platforms in detail, save time and avoid mistakes using our orchestration tool, deploy pre-packaged Droplets and other Cloud servers on multiple providers and have full control of your IT infrastructure. Multi-Cloud management has never been easier.

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