Step 1: Recipes

Define the applications to be installed in a Cloud server like the web server, database or mail server etc.


Step 2: Configuration

Provide all the configuration information to simplify and automate the implementation process
(networking, load balancers etc.).


Step 3: Scripts

Define the additional actions needed for the applications’ installation phase.


Step 4: Code sources

Integrate external data sources such as GIT or Subversion that should be applied in the Cloud server.


Result: ECmanaged platform DNA

After defining the recipes, scripts, code source and configuration files you have constructed the DNA string of your platform. You are ready to apply it in as many servers as you want and when you want.


Build a template of your entire platform by defining the recipes, scripts, source code and configuration files so you can launch the platform whenever and wherever you want. Once you have defined the ECmanaged DNA™, you can apply the template as many times and in as many Cloud or physical servers as you want. With ECmanaged you are able to enjoy powerful and easy orchestration.


Install entire platform

With ECmanaged you will not just install applications, you are able to install an entire platform in just a few clicks. You can deploy a platform as many times as you want, including all its elements.

Get the best of each

Mix multiple providers in a single platform. Use one provider for the critical part of your application and multiple cheaper distributed providers for the front-end.

Avoid Cloud provider outages

Reduce the impact of service failures in your application, by combining different providers and technologies in your platform.

Flexible scaling

Use the provider you prefer to scale your platform up or down. Choose the cheapest Cloud provider or the geographical region of your choice.

Hybrid Cloud

Combine your private and public Clouds in a single platform and manage them all the same way.


Build and Orchestrate
with ECmanaged platform DNA ™
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