About ECmanaged

ECmanaged is the pioneer multi-Cloud and IT management tool enabling users to take full control of their IT platforms. It is an easy-to-use, secure and efficient tool for those IT professionals that want to streamline the performance and governance of heterogeneous IT systems.
Whether one is planning or already using multiple Cloud platforms or adding Cloud capacity to physical platforms:
ECmanaged will get you there!

ECmanaged has been developed and kept up to date by an experienced team of systems managers and Cloud experts. We aim to establish a new way of implementing and managing Cloud-based computer systems linking the needs of real-world users to Cloud services. User friendliness and reliability are our core values.

The story of ECmanaged kicked off in 2012 in Barcelona when the renowned managed IT services company, ACKstorm SL,  aimed to develop a Cloud management tool. Faced with an increasing popularity of Cloud technologies and the lack of user-friendly management tools our developers decided to create a tool fit for their needs. This process resulted in the establishment of ECmanaged, a powerful and complete Cloud and IT management tool in 2014 that was made available to the public.

Being a company in expansion, we are always looking for talented people in sales and development.

Let us know if you are interested in joining our team.

Send your CV and a cover letter to hr@ecmanaged.com

Our team

Team Member

Fernando Benito

Founder & CEO

Fernando is member of the board. He founded ECmanaged together with
Juan Carlos as a spinoff from their managed services company ACKstorm SL.
Fernando is CEO at ACKstorm.

Team Member

Juan Carlos Moreno

Founder & CTO

I´m Juan Carlos, founder and CTO at ECmanaged. I aim to deliver a Cloud management tool that will help IT managers in their daily tasks. My baseline for life? “Do the right thing!”

Team Member

Joan Pau de Sola

Senior System Administrator

I´m Joan Pau. I am in charge of the upkeep, configuration, and reliable operation of ECmanaged. Have certifications in Cisco CCNA, eccouncil CEH, UG, ITIL,etc
My tagline for life? "Respect, honour and Rock'n'Roll!"

Team Member

Maure Noguera

Lead Senior developer

I´m Maure, lead developer at ECmanaged. Love to learn new things every day and apply that
to ECmanaged.
Check out my Github profile

Team Member

Xavi Clotet

Senior Developer

I´m Xavi, Senior Developer at ECmanaged. PHP & ColdFusion senior programmer and metal & gothic lover music.
Thoughts are my own.

Team Member

Marcos Catalán

Senior Developer

I´m Marcos, Senior Developer at ECmanaged. My motto is “Carpe Diem” and my aim is to deliver a product we can all be proud of.

Team Member

Diana Martinez

Digital Marketing Manager

I´m Diana. Ensuring ECmanaged´s digital footprint is my aim. I am always looking for new opportunities and technological developments in the area of marketing 2.0 Check out my twitter

Team Member


Administration and Accounts Payable

I´m Merche. My role consists of making sure our company works.
My life example? Mary Poppins, for spreading happiness, dreams and helping others.

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