We have uploaded a new version of our Cloud management tool. Check it out!

We have released a new version of our SaaS Cloud Management tool! The new User Interface, improved monitoring and increased user responsiveness make ECmanaged the most responsive and customizable Cloud management tool on the market. You have full control over your Cloud infrastructure and its processes.

At ECmanaged we feel that SysAdmins know best how and when one should react to different scenarios. But one needs to be able to define about what, how and when to be informed. ECmanaged provides accurate and complete information and combines this with fully customizable alerting and automated actions thresholds.

We carried out our latest update based upon your feedback. While an in-house study revealed that ECmanaged´s users saw their monthly Cloud expenditure cut by 70%, feedback also showed a need for more monitoring metrics so reactiveness could be further strengthened.

The improved monitoring delivers accurate capacity metrics informing you which processes consume most within the platforms and each machine. ECmanaged also delivers performance stats and carries out process checks. With the flashback view, users can go back in time and check historical monitoring data.

The internal monitoring checks allow to check, within the virtual machine,  server capacity (CPU, RAM, disk and network), processes (number of processes running, status, CPU, memory), file contents or stat attributes and application checks (Apache and NGINX).

Other innovations are the multi-location checks that ECmanaged can carry out from across the globe (San Francisco, Amsterdam, Singapore, New York, London). Website responsiveness, performance metrics and TCP checks can be scheduled and carried out automatically.

The ECmanaged development team also rolled out a mobile-responsive version of the ECmanaged app and designed a new user interface making ECmanaged more intuitive.

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