The future of Cloud is multi-Cloud. Join ECmanaged at Structure:Europe!

ECmanaged, a pioneering multi-cloud management tool, is one of the 10 finalists presenting its product onstage to global cloud visionaries and leading venture capital firms.

“We are excited to share our vision on the next step for Cloud technologies,” says CTO Juan Carlos Moreno. “Cloud users need to get back in control of their Clouds and be able to decide how to deal with them. The future of Cloud in Europe will be multi-Cloud.” 

ECmanaged is a Cloud management tool that uses a novel approach of high-level platform modelling, offering full mobility between providers and avoiding vendor lock-in. Recent European research shows that a large number of companies and governments are increasingly using multiple Cloud providers. This trend creates a need for management tools. “ECmanaged is able to fulfil that need and we are very excited to showcase our product at Structure:Europe 2013, “ affirms Juan Carlos. “In addition, ECmanaged is not only a tool to deploy new platforms but it also enables users to carry out daily IT management tasks.”

ECmanaged is the only Cloud management tool in the market providing a full-lifecycle management scheme.The GigaOM event is a high-profile competition that recognizes Europe’s most-promising start-ups in cloud computing, internet infrastructure, and data. The conference will be held 18-19 September in London, and is an extension of GigaOM’s flagship event focused on the future of cloud computing and internet infrastructure. LaunchPad finalists will present their pitches on the conference main stage and a winner will be selected by the Structure:Europe audience and jury.

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