Learn how to add new features to your OpenStack Cloud and simplify it

Do you know which technology your Cloud provider uses for its compute offer? Chances are high it is an OpenStack based solution. The latest OpenStack Summit attracted over 4500 attendees and the foundation gets new supporters every day, showing a clear will and potential to become as big as Amazon AWS or VMware.

OpenStack promises users an open source, scalable, portable and free or low cost way to deploy private and public clouds with the same agility as many of the leading public cloud providers. 

So you probably made the right choice if you are using it for your private or public Cloud. But are you satisfied with how you have to deal with your platforms? Most Cloud providers offer the basic Horizon management dashboard and that is almost the same as doing everything through a command screen.

Horizon is a very basic panel that provides a web browser accessible interface. It allows users and administrators of the environment to interact with and manage the various functional components of their Cloud infrastructure. But it does so only in a fairly limited way. Often, SysAdmins are still stuck typing lines and lines of code and repeating the same actions over and over. So you and your companies lose valuable time and money. Not to mention the difficulties you face deploying a scalable stack or planning automated tasks.

But no need to despair! Today, ECmanaged, the award-winning SaaS Cloud management platform, announced the integration of its solution with OpenStack® technology.  Now any Amazon AWS, Digital Ocean, Linode, Rackspace, Eucalyptus, Cloudwatt , HP Cloud client and users with private Cloud based on OpenStack can manage their Cloud infrastructure through our single user-friendly dashboard. Regardless of any existing provider restrictions or procedures.

All you need to do is sign up for a Free Trial and you are ready to deploy instances and manage and monitor them in detail.
The ECmanaged dashboard takes Cloud management to the Next Level with single-click enhanced monitoring, autoscaling, scheduled tasks and backups and integration of physical servers into multi-Cloud environments.

The monitoring feature of ECmanaged includes tracking the user experience, app performance, used capacity and service status. The autoscaler can be set up for any provider in just 3 steps. ECmanaged is offered as a SaaS tool and includes a cost prediction feature.

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