Heartbleed update

We would like to take this opportunity to contact you regarding Heartbleed. Just to make sure you know what we have done.

The past days a lot has been published about the Heartbleed bug. We want to assure you that ECmanaged took immediate and proactive steps to patch this potential security hole­ and has successfully eliminated any risk of potential unauthorized access to your account.

At ECmanaged, we use two websites: the public one www.ecmanaged.com and the access portal to our online application my.ecmanaged.com. First online tests reported that the access portal has never been vulnerable.

Even though we were not vulnerable we have updated each compute we manage to the latest OpenSSL.

Nevertheless, we strongly suggest you change your password. It is a simple process that will only take you a minute. In general, we advise our clients to regularly change your passwords anyway, not just for ECmanaged but for all the sites you frequent.

How do I change my password?


1) Go to https://my.ecmanaged.com/login/
2) Click on the “My Account" section. Navigate to the "Users" tab and click on the "My  Configuration" subtab. Now click the "Edit My User" link.
3)  Type a new password, repeat it, and save the changes. 

We would like to remind you the option to activate, at no cost, the two-factor authentication process we offer. This two-step procedure increases the security of your ECmanaged account by requiring two forms of authentication: something you have and something you know. You're already familiar with this concept if you've ever used a debit card at an ATM machine. If you enable this optional feature, you'll access your ECmanaged account usingyour smartphone as physical proof in addition to your username and password. This additional layer of security reduces the risk that an unauthorized individual would gain access to your ECmanaged account.
Do let us know if you have any questions about this procedure or the two-factor authentication process by contacting our support centre support@ecmanaged.com
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