EuroCloud Congress 2013: a multi-Cloud edition

Over 300 Cloud experts from 23 European Member States and from around the world gathered at the 2013 EuroCloud congress. ECmanaged participated for the first time at this prestigious event. The agenda included a vast array of Cloud services, visions on uptake of Cloud in Europe and the different challenges industry faces while transitioning to Cloud. The recurring theme was that the future of Cloud will be multi-Cloud. This concept was reflected in the congress programme with a highly-attended seminar on the challenges of running a multi-Cloud environment.

ECmanaged presented its pioneering multi-Cloud and IT management tool at this seminar. We stressed that real multi-Cloud means using various Cloud providers and physical infrastructure simultaneously in one platform for specific tasks. In addition, we feel it is only logical that users should also be able to manage these after deployment. The other speakers at the seminar were Renderstreet and the French company Nuage Labs.

Nuage labs has developed a gateway to enable companies to have flexible and highly resilient storage service using different Cloud and storage providers.  Renderstreet, a Rumanian company experienced in rendering 3D  images and video, explained how they were able to reduce the render time for 30 seconds of movie to 3,5 hours. They were able to do this by setting up a “render farm” using multiple Clouds at the same time and, consequently, having a flexible amount of servers to their disposal at the required moment.

Local initiatives like Renderstreet and Nuage Labs show that the world of Cloud users is ready for multi-Cloud and is looking for complete Cloud management solutions such as ECmanaged. In addition, our tool will enable companies to make a smooth transition to Cloud combined with a physical infrastructure and will put Cloud users back in control of their systems.
The EuroCloud congress also awarded European prizes for Cloud. ECmanaged was runner-up in the category “Best Cloud Service Product”. Over 50 companies competed in the previous rounds. 
About EuroCloud: EuroCloud is the largest and fastest growing ICT association in Europe.  In the past two years, 27 countries around the world have established a EuroCloud presence, including 17 in Europe. The mission of EuroCloud is to build a pan-European contact and knowledge sharing network for companies that have an interest in Cloud Computing, either as vendor/provider or as facilitator/aggregator for the ecosystem as a whole. More information: or

About ECmanaged: Founded in 2012, ECmanaged is a pioneering multi-Cloud and IT management tool enabling users to take full control of their Cloud platforms. Its intuitive design and interface allow users to develop Cloud platforms avoiding provider imposed restrictions. ECmanaged enables users to be in control of their platforms and applications both at the implementation phase and afterwards.

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