ECmanaged: A step further in scripts automation

Orchestration is a key concept in the world of Cloud computing. It is needed to glue automated tasks together in the right order and to manage complex workflows and processes. Without orchestration you will spend valuable hours of your time connecting to servers and running tasks manually.
With ECmanaged, the Cloud infrastructure maintenance and orchestration has been simplified. You can deploy applications by running your deployments or management tasks on several servers at the same time in a very simple manner. You only need to get familiar with its ECmanaged builders.
The builders provide an easy-to-use automation system to deploy your applications on several servers in a time saving manner. And as all IT Professionals know, the simplest way of automating application deployments on a cloud server is using scripts. This Cloud Management Tool supports scripts deployments in various languages.

  • Bash
  • Windows batch
  • Java
  • PHP
  • Perl
  • PowerShell
  • Python
  • Ruby
  • Bourne Shell
  • VBScript

We can run scripts on system boot or in already deployed cloud servers. ECmanaged scripts support variables to make our scripts dynamic.
In this case, we will demonstrate the ECmanaged scripts by deploying a dockerized WordPress on a cloud server. Docker is an application container where we can neatly package our application.
You can follow the process by viewing this 2-minutes tutorial: Video Tutorial
As we can see, in the second step, we give a name to our script, provide a brief optional description, and choose a language for the script which, in this case,  is bash.  Next, we copy the script from Finally, we select to run the script as root and select 900 seconds as timeout which is the default.
We need another script to create and start the docker container with Wordpress. The script is given below:
docker pull ecmanaged/wordpress
sleep 10
docker run -d -p 80:80 ecmanaged/wordpress
We will launch a cloud server with these above mentioned scripts to deploy dockerized WordPress. The following video shows the steps:
As we can see, we have successfully deployed the WordPress container in the cloud server. Here, we deployed the scripts on server boot time, we can also deploy the script on a running server.

That way, ECmanaged provides with a single and intuitive dashboard which simplifies workflows for self-service provisioning of different cloud providers with the aim of automatically deploy applications, launch commands by using scripts and manage Cloud Platforms easily.

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