ECmanaged welcomes the Cloud-for-Europe initiative.

Early July, the European Union launched the Cloud-for-Europe (C4E) initiative. C4E aims to empower the European public sector to get prepared for procuring cloud services while avoiding the risk of lock-in. ECmanaged, the pioneering European multi-Cloud management tool welcomes this initiative as it will contribute to an essential debate: How can Cloud industry avoid government-imposed intervention and ensure further technological innovations?

Recent research conducted by the EU has shown that data and platform portability are main inhibitors for the uptake of Cloud technology. Both industry and government actors want to make sure they have full control over their Clouds and are not locked into a single provider. Latest revelations about the US National Security Agency’s PRISM surveillance program have strengthened this need, or rather option, to move active Cloud-based IT platforms from one Cloud provider or geographical region to another. 

The high level platform modelling feature of ECmanaged enables users to do exactly that.

The past years, many Cloud management tools have been developed and put into the market. However, none of them provided full portability and lifecycle management. ECmanaged, a Barcelona-based start-up, answers this need. We believe that only a management solution that permits users to be truly provider independent will be the key for a successful uptake of Cloud technology in Europe. 


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