ECmanaged expands OpenStack users´ Horizon

Today, ECmanaged, the award-winning SaaS Cloud management platform, announced the integration of its solution with OpenStack® technology. The integration delivers two main competitive advantages.

“Adding the OpenStack technology to the list of Cloud services that can be managed through our CMP is a logical and future-proof choice” says Juan Carlos Moreno, CTO at ECmanaged.  “It enables ECmanaged to integrate the most promising Cloud providers quickly and seamlessly into our list of trusted providers. Increasing our potential footprint by tenfold”
ECmanaged is now compatible with Amazon AWS, Digital Ocean, Linode, Rackspace, Eucalyptus, Cloudwatt, HP Cloud and any private Cloud based on OpenStack.

The integration is also good news for OpenStack Cloud users. They will be able to use the powerful ECmanaged dashboard and enjoy many additional features compared to the Horizon panel.  “Our dashboard takes Cloud management to the Next Level” says Juan Carlos Moreno. “Not only is the ECmanaged panel very intuitive, ECmanaged users will appreciate the enhanced monitoring, scheduled tasks and backups and integration of physical servers into multi-Cloud environments.”
The monitoring feature of ECmanaged includes tracking the user experience, app performance, used capacity and service status. ECmanaged is offered as a SaaS tool. Users can manage, monitor, deploy, clone and scale Cloud platforms and applications easily. It is the first Cloud management tool through which a Cloud user can integrate physical on-premise servers into his managed platform.  

ECmanaged provides full lifecycle IT management for any Cloud computing provider and on-premise physical infrastructure.  Even though the product was released less than a year ago, it has already been nominated for various prizes and start-up events. The tool offers automated management tasks combined with a powerful monitoring feature (capacity, performance, service status and user experience). It solves up to 80% of application incidents in less than 5 minutes without any human intervention and accurate auto-scaling processes can be scheduled.  The efficiency and availability of IT and Cloud systems and applications are significantly increased.

In addition, ECmanaged enables cross-provider mobility by defining a high-level model of the entire platform. This novel approach does not only include the application templates but also the networking information, installation scripts and code sources. It makes Cloud and IT platforms virtually vendor-agnostic.

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