"Easily Manage Your Clouds With ECmanaged" by Cloudtweaks

Even for the simplest of products or services, a better version will always find a market. In fact, the phrase above that’s considered a metaphor about the power of innovation, is frequently taken literally, with more than 4,400 patents issued by the United States Patent and Trademark Office for new mousetraps, with thousands more unsuccessful applicants, making them the most frequently invented device in US history.And in the rarefied world of multi-cloud management, ECmanaged has certainly “built a better mousetrap.”First, let’s talk about the importance of cloud management tools. Today’s cloud customers face the problem of plenty where there are many providers in the market with complementary competencies, but no single solution that meets all their requirements. Consequently, they typically subscribe to multiple services from multiple providers.

However, managing them in a centralized manner is no easy task.This is where cloud management tools come in. However, even among them, as Oscar Wilde wrote in Animal Farm, some “are more equal than others.” The reason I identify ECmanaged as such is because it has managed to hit the sweet spot between functionality and usability. In other words, not only is the product laden with features that exceed those of its competitors, it’s ridiculously easy to understand, customize and use.Some of its key differentiators are:

* It’s a subscription-based SaaS that uses only real usage-based billing.
* It meets all managements requirements throughout the entire cloud lifecycle, from deployment to maintenance.
* It allows full portability and mobility of cloud platforms making them vendor-agnostic.
* It’s functionality goes much beyond the limited set of management tasks like monitoring, alerting, auto scaling, deploying or reporting that’s offered by its competitors
* It providesrobust disaster recovery and automated incident resolution where 80% of incidents are typically solved within 5 minutes without any human intervention
* It requires no special training to be imparted before use. Also, several popular tasks that typically take many steps with competitive cloud management tools can be done in a few clicks

ECmanaged has garnered acclaim from not only its growing roster of clients, but also the technology industry as a whole. Only a few days back it was nominated as Best Cloud Solution by Eurocloud Spain and will participate in the European Award contest in October.As a special promotional offer, the company is offering a free 30-day trial where, and I consider this very important, no credit card information is solicited.

There are several providers out there who make promotional offers that are initially free to use, but charge your credit card without warning as soon as the grace period expires. By going against the grain, ECmanaged has demonstrated integrity.

By Sourya Biswas


30 day Free Trial.
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